Custom Tanning Beds: Home tanning beds, Commercial tanning beds, design your package, Open your own tanning salon
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Meet the manufacturer

American quality manufacturing is fully integrated manufacturing facility consisting 0f five different departments.  Each department plays a vital role in custom building your  tanning bed.

How your tanning bed is built using our five-step process


Each tanning bed uses only the most dependable connection system on the market “cage clamp”. Providing a vibration-proof and maintenance-free connection

Sheet metal

Flat sheets of steel are punched and formed into the shape of a tanning bed using the most advanced cnc equipment on the market.


Each tanning bed is painted with a process called powder coating.  Powder coating is a process of electrostatically charging the paint which sticks to the metal surface like a magnet, then heated so that it bonds to the metal, giving a permanent, attactive finish.


Graphics are printed with our wide format solvent inkjet printer producing life like images & laminated for years of durability.


Our six axis robots make beautiful, uniform quality welds that enhances the look and durability of the tanning beds.

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