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Take Your Tanning Salon to the Next Level with Hydromassage!
Hydromassage is a unique form of massage therapy that uses warm water jets to massage the skin and loosen tight muscles all without the user getting wet !
How does Hydromassage work?
The hydromassage bed is a comfortable, self-contained massage bed with integrated warm water
jets that travel up and down the length of the body applying warmth and pressure to the body. The
result feels just like the massage you get from a professional massage therapist without customers
having to get undressed.

Massage has many benefits. It improves blood circulation for better health, eases the pain and
stiffness of overworked muscles, and promotes relaxation by stimulating the lymph system to flush
away toxins in the body. It's a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a stressful day!
Why is Hydromassage the best form of massage for your tanning salon?
  Hydromassage is an excellent add-on for any salon because it's easy to use and brings in customers year round. There is no "off season" for massage

  You'll maximize profits because you won't have to hire a massage therapist or go through costly training.

  The water jets can be easily customized by your customers,
allowing them to target specific muscle groups and determine the relative strength and pressure for a custom, full body massage that's a perfect fit every time.

  You can add aromatherapy, special lighting effects and soothing music to a Hydromassage session to deliver the ultimate in day spa luxury to your customers.

  Hydromassage is convenient because you don't even have to get undressed to enjoy the massage – customers can get a wonderful massage experience after work, before an evening out, or even on their lunch hour!
Who uses Hydromassage?
Hydromassage is used by tanning salons who are looking for a unique service to add to their day spa menu, but there are plenty of doctors, clinics, gyms, and health clubs who rely on this form of massage therapy, including:

• Gold's Gym
• The Mayo Clinic
• Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital
• The U.S. Olympic Training Center
• Luxury Day Spas

Can you afford investing in Hydromassage for your tanning salon? …

the real question is…Can you afford not to?

With tanning salons continuing to see a decrease in revenue from traditional tanning services, the Day Spa model is the best way to improve your revenue stream and ensure your customers will continue to use your salon. Hydromassage appeals to a wide range of people of all ages and both sexes, making it a sure money maker for your salon. You can market Hydromassage to a whole new set of customers and turn a profit even when you don't have tanning customers.

We offer top quality, gently used Hydromassage Systems to fit every budget!

By purchasing directly from us rather than through a distributor, you'll save money that can be used to advertise your new Hydromassage beds and get those customers in your door. We select only the finest quality Hydromassage systems and completely clean and refurbish them so they perform like new at a fraction of the cost! Choose from among the top Hydromassage manufacturers – our inventory is constantly changing to give you the best selection at an outstanding price. With our selection of used systems, your Hydromassage system will quickly pay for itself.

Now you can add Hydromassage to your tanning salon's menu of services at a price you'll love!

Give your customers the ultimate in pampering and relaxation with Hydromassage!
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