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For continued success in the tanning industry, salons have to constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of their clients. Offering cutting edge services that combine the latest technologies with the spa-like experience customers crave is one way to maximize profit and ensure your clients will keep coming back.

At Custom Tanning Bed, we’re proud to introduce pre-owned, completely refurbished Hydration
Stations® by Sybaritic, Inc. This innovative, skin pampering treatment is the perfect way to provide
a spa-like skin care treatment without having to increase your staff, install costly additional plumbing,
or find additional space.

The Hydration Station® takes up no more space than a tanning bed and is a completely self-
contained but provides a unique skin care treatment based on the science of radiant heat and steam
moisturization. The Hydration Station experience uses radiant heat to enhance the intense
moisturizing effects of soothing steam while the body is encased in a soothing cocoon of light and
massage. Oxygen science and aromatherapy enhance the experience while adjustable, vibrating
massage relaxes and soothes tired muscles.

Who Can Benefit from the Hydration Station Experience?

UV tanning customers – Using the Hydration Station prior to tanning prepares the skin for a
penetrating, longer-lasting tan that will be deeper and richer.

Sunless tanning customers – Spray on tans will last longer, with a flawless, even application and
no sticky residue after using the Hydration Station to prepare the skin.

New clients who aren’t tanning, but would like to experience a spa-like treatment that moisturizes,
soothes, and tones the skin while relaxing the entire body.

Isn’t it time you turned your tanning salon into a full service tanning and spa service? With our
reasonable prices on pre-owned Hydration Stations®, you can offer added value for every customer
and watch your profits multiply!

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