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Would you like to add
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to transform
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full service, day spa experience?
Our LED teeth whitening system can transform your tanning salon, adding an additional revenue stream that's sure to be a hit with your customers! Tanning salons are all about feeling good and looking great, so adding a teeth whitening system to your menu of services is a natural way to give your customers a new way to feel good about their appearance. LED Teeth Whitening systems use the power of cool, blue LED lights and carbamide peroxide to gently and effectively whiten teeth by up to ten shades. Your customers will be thrilled with the sparkling, white results after just one LED teeth whitening session, and repeated sessions will help them keep that glowing new smile while you reap the rewards of offering a salon quality service that can become a part of your customers' tanning routine.
What are the advantages of an LED teeth whitening system for your tanning salon?
  Your current clients will appreciate the addition of a new service that can enhance their looks. Combining a stunning tan with a bright, white smile guarantees you'll look younger and healthier.

  LED teeth whitening appeals to all ages and both sexes, including those who don't tan regularly. You'll discover a new, untapped client base by offering teeth whitening in your salon.

  Offering cosmetic teeth whitening will increase your profits; it's a reasonably priced, reliable service that costs very little and doesn't require additional staffing.

  Your customers will enjoy relaxing in your salon and whitening their teeth without a trip to the dentist.

  You can bundle LED teeth whitening with other spa services such as tanning or massage to create a custom spa experience.

  LED teeth whitening is a service that your customers will return to use again and again in order to keep the brilliant results long-term. Repeated sessions are a definite money maker and will be popular with both tanning and non-tanning customers.
Why should you choose an LED teeth whitening system?
There are several teeth whitening systems now available for tanning salons and day spas, but not all of them use the cool, blue light of an LED (Light Emitting Diode) system. By offering your customers the LED system, you show your customers you value them � you're offering them the advanced teeth whitening experience available!

  LED lights accelerate the whitening process, giving you better results in a short amount of time using safe and effective carbamide peroxide.

  LED teeth whitening provides a deeper whitening experience, getting rid of both internal and surface stains.

  LED teeth whitening takes just 40 minutes, so your customers can easily combine a whitening session with a tanning session or massage for an afternoon of pampering.

  Carbamide peroxide and LED lights won't damage the structure or texture of the teeth; but it will lighten the color of teeth anywhere from six to ten shades in just one session! Your customers will love the results and will keep coming back in order to maintain their new smiles.

Order your LED teeth whitening system today and you'll soon be offering an outstanding spa experience to all your customers!
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