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Introducing the No-Sweat workout,
the latest concept in Exercise
A new and perfect toning system that
allows you to exercise effortlessly,
a concept that will tone your body while sacrificing very little time
and effort.

Unlike traditional forms of exercise that leave you feeling tired and out of breath, the Perfect Shapes
workout actually energizes your body. These machines help tone and firm your muscles, while flushing
out the fat inducing acid waste from your system. Your body ends up with a trimmer figure and healthy
surplus of oxygen. No Sweat. No huffing and puffing. And best of all, everyone loses inches! The
machines assure your success, whether it be through sales or your personal use. Call or email today
for more information!

Waist Tummy Hip Table
The answer to a trim waist, firms hips and a flat
tummy. The table gently raises and lowers legs,
causing inches to disappear from those areas
most critical to an attractive body.
Side To Side Table
With a feeling similar to a professional massage,
this table strengthens and eases stiffness in
lower back muscles.It also trims the waistline,
while firming and toning the entire
abdomen area.
Body Bender Table
A nice alternative to sit-ups! Effectively tones
abdominal muscles and reduces inches around
the waist. Flexibility is enhanced while lower
back muscles are strengthened and tones..
Sandbag Table
Strengthens muscles in the stomach,buttocks
area, and thighs. It�s gentle rhythmic action
also breaks down cellulite and lifts and
firms flabby buttocks.
Stretch Table
It feels like a nice, long stretch. Yet, the stretch
table firms and tones upper arms, lifts the
ribcage to improve posture, and works
to reduce fat on midriff, waist and upper back.
Leg Table
A comfortable circular motion effectively
slims your entire leg area including front,
back and inner thighs, upper thighs and calves.
The elevated leg position also helps
improve circulation.
Circulation Table
A gentle vibration action works to completely tone
your body, improving circulation and increasing
blood flow. Excess water and acid wastes
work their way out of your body, giving your skin
a soft, healthy glow and leaving you
relaxed and energized.

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