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Question #1: Why do your tanning beds cost so much less than comparable equipment found on the internet:?

Answer:  It is a combination of several key business model decisions.  We are a family-owned manufacturer who has been in business for over 25 years and all of our manufacturing facilities are debt-free.  We sell directly from the factory to you so you do not incur the distributor mark-up fee.  Also, because we build every indoor tanning device to order, we have all the business we can handle from internet orders only, therefore, we spend virtually no money on expensive magazine ads or colorful brochures and pass the savings on to you.  If you buy your tanning salon equipment from a large manufacturer, you must pay their overhead, rent, salaries, advertising expense, sales commission, etc. 

Question #2: What is the difference between your Tropical Rayz and Perfect Tan models?

Answer: Only the paint and graphics.  We offer two "themes" for salon owners to choose from.  You may choose from the "tropical" theme, with fruity colors and loud graphics, or the " contemporary" theme with subtle earth tones and triangular cowlings for a sophisticated appearance of our commercial tanning beds.  Both beds are built EXACTLY the same, the only exception is the paint and graphics package.  Since we build are units from the ground up, you can mix and match colors and graphics to suit your needs and even put the name of YOUR salon on the top!

Question #3: Do you offer new tanning salon packages which include the timing & control system, tanning salon software, warning signs, lotions and all the other little stuff I need?

Answer:  We also are one of the few companies in the indoor tanning equipment industry to offer all-inclusive tanning salon equipment packages for new tanning salon owners who need all the little things like a timing and control system, including the new "wireless" system, and a POS computer system including the tanning salon software to run the company, tanning goggles, lotions, towels, buck-boosters, etc.  Our packages offered are from two to twelve commercial tanning unit packages and you can change any configuration you like to suit your needs and we will give you a custom quote. 

Question #4:  I'm thinking of opening a tanning salon, where do I start?

How To open tanning salon

Answer: With our website How to Open a Tanning Salon which explains the process in a "from A to Z" format.  To summarize, find a suitable location and we will do the rest! 

Question #5: What is the ordering process and how much of a deposit do I need?

You should place your tanning equipment order when you have your keys in hand and are beginning your "build-out" process.  You must call to place your order with a sales rep and once you receive the invoice via fax or email, you sign and fax back with your approval and submit a deposit at that time.  We do accept company checks for deposits but only cashiers checks for delivery. We accept credit cards for any size transactions.  The balance of you payment is due prior to delivery or upon delivery if our guy helps with the installation of your equipment.

Question #6: What happens after I submit a deposit and how long does it take to receive my tanning salon equipment?

Answer: Once we receive your deposit we immediately send out your timing & control system and software, if applicable, so that you have them available during your build-out phase.  We also send Construction Notes & Details to you explaining the electrical setup required for each room, including considerations for the remote timing system. Here is an example for your review.  This document describes each room including what the minimum room sizes are, where electrical outlets and in-room digital timers should be mounted, and what to do when the beds arrive.  Most orders take between 2-4 weeks but we do everything we can to ensure your beds are not too early or too late.  The tanning equipment should be the LAST thing you put in your salon.

Question #7: What is your warranty and what if I need to call a tanning bed repairman to my salon to troubleshoot my equipment or change the lamps and acrylics?

Answer: We have the most complete warranty in the business because our tanning equipment is built with solid-steel inside AND out. We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on our frame AND skins, acrylic supports, etc.  We offer a 3 year warranty on electrical parts only, no labor.  We also offer a 1 year pro-rated warranty on shocks and tanning acrylics, not many companies do this.  We have established a network of tanning bed mechanics around the USA and make them available to you through the internet via

Question #8: Are the beds heavy?  Will they fit through the door?  Should I build my walls first?  What size should the hallways be?

Answer: All good questions and many of the answers can be found on this document Construction Notes and Details which we send upon request once your deposit has been received.  Generally speaking, you should build your walls first, install 36" doors, plan to put the stand up tanning booth and other large equipment in the back of the salon for noise purposes, and ensure you have "angles" to get the large sections through the door.  Most tanning beds are shipped in "sections" or halves in most cases but each half can still be 7 to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide.  You can turn the sections vertically to slip through the door but you need a "turning radius" or a back-into area to get these large sections through the door.

Question #9: I see you send cases of lotions and other tanning salon supplies with a new salon package.  Can we reorder this stuff from you?

Answer: We are not set up to be a tanning salon supplier, we a pure manufacturer and concentrate all our energies to producing tanning salon equipment from the ground up.  We buy bulk lotions by the truckload and look at these as freebies and incentives to purchase our beds.  That is not to say we would not sell a case or pallet load, just give us a call.  Keep in mind the lotion distributors will be mailing you brochures and knocking down your door to get your business, so you will have many options for obtaining your tanning supplies.

Question #10: Are you really giving away a free computer system with the purchase of 5 tanning beds or more?

Answer: Yes, you can view the computer system similar to the one you will receive here.  This system includes the pc, cash drawer, bar code scanner, receipt printer, large 17" touch screen, and market leading tanning salon software pre-loaded.  This package has a retail value of $3,995.

For questions regarding tanning bed financing or leasing, please click here to complete our online application or visit our tanning bed leasing page here for more information.  To finance one of these commercial tanning beds in the US or Canada, please  >Click here to complete our online financing application and get instant approval for up to $50k<

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